Tell us about new book launches!

At we try our best to keep up with any new book launches on the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets. It includes a variety of categories such as educational material aimed at both pre-, middle and high school.

If you have any ideas or recommendations for upcoming book launches, feel free to reach out!

Project management becomes simpler

An important part of our work, is the management of our projects on a daily basis. As we continue to expand our operations, we seek to improve our existing tools of management. For that reason we’ve decided to digitalize our entire database.

The work has an estimated timeframe of 3 months, and will allow us to offer more effective services to our clientele. Included in the process of digitalization, is the indexing of literary work, e.g. books, poems and leaflets.

Jo Nesbø’s «The snowman» turns to Hollywood.

There has been a lot of excitement attached to the upcoming release of Jo Nesbø’s the Snowman. The 7th installment in Nesbø’s tale of Harry Hole gets an international touch to it, unlike anything we’ve seen in recent years.

Nesbø’s has had a prolific career within music, soccer and literature. His literary acumen is noticeable, having topped international bestseller lists on multiple occasions. With the Snowman he has reached a new, if not the «final level» as many will say.

The crime-thriller-drama unfolds in the Norwegian capitol of Oslo, with no other than Michael Fassbender portraying the alcoholic detective Harry Hole. In his quest for a notorious serial killer, he must also deal with his inner demons and substance abuse.

The Snowman puts Norwegian literature on the world’s main chart, and we are thrilled to witness it. seeks to inspire and guide other writers who may one day get to share the world stage with literary giants such as Nesbø.